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At Go Ghummo, each individual is passionate about our culture and Heritage. Our passion and extensive knowledge of Rajasthan makes our company an ideal fit as best Rajasthan B2B DMC. With us, explore the breathtaking beauty of Rajasthan at great deals and best price on our B2B packages. As a trusted destination management company (DMC)​ specializing in Rajasthan, we offer an extensive range of customizable packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of B2B clients. Discover majestic forts like Amber and Mehrangarh, which stand as testaments to the region’s royal history. Wander through vibrant cities, each adorned with splendid palaces and intricate architecture. Experience the tranquility of Rajasthan’s beautiful lakes, such as Lake Pichola and Fatehsagar. Our packages ensure an unforgettable experience for your clients. With our expert knowledge of the region and dedication to providing exceptional service with local support, Go Ghummo guarantees seamless travel experiences that exceed expectations.

Our FIT packages is specially curated and offer a personalized touch. We handpicked places and make all the necessary arrangements and changes according to clients requirement.  Our MICE Packages are designed for Corporate Groups that want to plan travel for team building and cater to them with conference and team travel activities. We have extensive experience to cater all packages starting from FIT packages for family, couple, friends to Group packages for School & Colleges and to MICE Packages for Corporate. Partner with us to for Rajasthan and create a lasting memories for your clients.​ As Rajasthan DMC​, Ghummo, We promote responsible tourism practices that preserve Rajasthan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals in Rajasthan.

Popular Packages

Duration- 8 Nights/ 9 Days
Destinations- Jaipur- Ajmer- Pushkar- Jodhpur- Jaislamer- Udaipur- Mount Abu
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration- 5 Nights/ 6 Days
Destinations- Jaipur – Pushkar- Jodhpur- Jaisalmer
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration-  5 Nights/ 6 Days
Destinations- Jaipur- Ajmer- Pushkar- Bikaner- Jaisalmer- Jodhpur
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration-  4 Nights/ 5 Days
Destinations- Jaipur- Ranthambore- Agra
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration-  4 Nights/ 5 Days
Destinations- Delhi- Jaipur- Agra
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration-  5 Nights/ 6 Days
Destinations- Udaipur- Mount Abu- Kumbalgarh- Chitorgarh
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing

Duration-  10 Nights/ 11 Days
Destinations-Jaipur- Jodhpur- Puskar- Ajmer- Bikaner- Jaisalmer- Udaipur- Ranthambore
Inclusions- Transport, Accommodation, Meals, Sightseeing


DMC Rajasthan- Best B2B Travel Agency in India

  • We are Destination Management Company of Rajasthan. We offer best B2B  travel packages.
  • Go Ghummo has vast network of local cab & Hotels in Rajasthan.
  • We are a reliable travel agent for connecting all over India for the best b2b rates.
  • We Value Our B2B Clients.
  • We’re Always Available 24*7 and have full support.
  • We have the best prices for b2b tours for the entire Himachal Pradesh Tourism.
  • Go GHUMMO works with the best tour operators who over the years have proven their professionalism.
  • Our Expert team provide the best rate and details for each destination in Rajasthan.


Go Ghummo experties in Rajasthan will give strong Local Expert, which can make you more convincible to your client. Go Ghummo as a Rajasthan DMC specializes in the unique offerings of Rajasthan, ensuring a tailored experience for clients. Our local expertise and extensive network allow for seamless logistics, from transportation to accommodations. With a focus on personalized itineraries, we cater to diverse preferences, whether clients seek adventure, culture, or relaxation. We as a Rajasthan DMC is committed  to offer quality ensuring memorable experiences, fostering client satisfaction and loyalty. By entrusting us, your clients can enjoy a stress-free journey, immersing themselves in the beauty and charm of Rajasthan.

Himachal Pradesh has always been our second Home and definitely our first love. Go Ghummo, as a Local Expert, offers unparalleled expertise and unwavering client support to all travel agency and MICE Companies. Specializing in Himachal Pradesh allows Go Ghummo to deeply understand your client requirement and design a perfect package that curates memories for your Client and hassle free operations for your company. This expertise enables us to craft personalized experiences tailored to each traveler’s preferences, ensuring an unforgettable journey. From exploring snow-capped peaks to thrilling treks and vibrant cultural immersions, Go Ghummo meticulously plans every detail for a perfect trip. We just don’t write but definitely we give 24*7 Support to all our clients.  With a dedicated team passionate about showcasing the best of Himachal Pradesh, we guarantee an exceptional and memorable travel experience for your travellers.

Go Ghummo, as the top Rajasthan DMC,  ensures smooth operations by arranging reliable transportation, offering a selection of comfortable accommodations, and providing 24/7 support for any unexpected situations or inquiries. To ensure clients have a memorable trip, We focuses on personalized service, attention to detail, and quality experiences. They actively seek feedback, address any concerns promptly, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations, ensuring clients leave with happy memories of their time in Himachal Pradesh.


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